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Citizenship Education Program

Midwest Language Services is one step closer to building and maintaining a comprehensive adult citizenship education program. We will take part in a full-day training in Groveport, Ohio this Thursday and are very excited about this professional development opportunity. Be sure to check our website for upcoming classes this year! We look forward to helping our students learn English and civics skills to prepare students for the naturalization process.

Conversation and Grammar

If you have studied English before, but you need more practice speaking, you might want to join one of our English Conversation and Grammar classes. We work together in a large group and then we pair off and switch conversation partners every few minutes. This allows students to hear English as it is spoken by a wide variety of speakers. It’s a lot of fun. Here’s the Wednesday group taking …Read More

Collaboration in the English Teaching Profession

I’m blessed to be able to collaborate with such a great team of caring professionals. I’m thankful to to have met a new-found friend and business owner, Micah, who works in Texas. I’d also like to publicly thank the English tutors who attended today’s lesson sharing and demonstration event. Our students will surely appreciate the new ideas that you bring to your lessons. I look forward to having our next …Read More

English Conversation and Grammar

I’m looking forward to meeting our new students at tonight’s English Conversation and Grammar class. What better way to start off the new year! Improve your English speaking and listening skills by registering for our next session. Be sure to check our website regularly for updates under the English Classes and Tutors>Everyday English>Upcoming Group Lessons, this blog, or on our Facebook page.