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English as a Second or New Language

Business English and Accent Modification Training

language classes pic Join one of our language classes or arrange for a private language tutor. We provide ESL (English as a Second Language), and Accent Modification Training

Do you want to improve your English communication skills? Do you want to be speak more easily with friends, coworkers, and other people in the community?

Register for one of our group English classes or contact us about a private English tutor to learn conversation, pronunciation, and increase your vocabulary.

Business English Training

Communicating clearly with coworkers and customers saves time, money, and costly mistakes. Midwest Language Services, LLC can help! We assess (check)  your current English level. Then we create a plan with you to help you reach your language goals. Business English Training is offered at your workplace, in groups, one-on-one, or online. Let us know what you prefer.

Here are just a few topics we have offered to our students of Business English:

  • English for Specific Purposes (Curriculum is based on the student's needs at work)
  • English for Meetings
  • English for Making Presentations
  • English for Negotiations
  • English for Reporting Trends
  • English for Describing Problems and Defects
  • English for Engineering
  • English for the Financial Industry
  • Writing Formal and Informal E-mail

Accent Modification Training

Why should I take accent modification training?

 Reduce misunderstanding and requests for repetition.  Communicate more clearly in interviews.  Increase productivity at work.  Enhance communication with English-speaking friends.  Build confidence in the ability to speak English with clarity. Disclaimer: Research shows that it is rare for a person to sound exactly like a native speaker if he/she learns a second language after childhood, and therefore accent reduction can help speakers sound more native-like, but not completely native.

English for Everyday Purposes

You may have learned English in another country, but still feel uncomfortable talking in everyday situations like ordering food at a restaurant, talking with your child's teacher, making a doctor's appointment, etc. Our English for Everyday Purposes programs are designed to help you with everyday life in the United States. We have programs available and we also have student-centered programs that are suited to your specific language needs.

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